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12 insights into increasing business pace and serverless for CIOs

News UK CTO Christina Scott describes the acceleration of pace at the major media company

CIOs from retail, media and technology described how to increase business pace at this week’s Horizon Innovation Leadership event.  The event, in partnership with technology consultancy Red Badger featured debates with News UK, Tesco and serverless pioneers Stuart Harris and Florian Motlik.

Here are 12 ideas shared at the event, held on London’s Skillsmatter CodeNode.

  1. Paint bold pictures of what your business should be to achieve an increase in pace
  2. For a business to increase its pace it must have a clarity of purpose
  3. Five years ago Amazon was deploying new code every 11 seconds. Enterprise IT has not achieved this yet
  4. Servers will become a utility in the same way as cloud compute and electricity
  5. Find a greenfield project and put your best developers on it
  6. Large firms just die more slowly than small firms
  7. An enterprise has a larger footprint, therefore has more scope for taking a risk – so take a risk
  8. A change in release cycles and incentives will increase business pace
  9. CIOs must give up control of servers to increase business pace
  10. Moving to serverless enables CIOs & teams to focus on the customer
  11. Make sure you redeploy engineers into delivering value
  12. Serverless isn’t just Amazon



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