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CIO Mike Stone mobilises KPMG’s troops

As CDIO for the Ministry of Defence Mike Stone renegotiated major contracts with the likes of HP

CIO Mike Stone plans to mobilise the transformation capabilities of professional services organisation KPMG to help government, healthcare and infrastructure public organisations benefit from technology developments.

“This is my third week in the role and I have been connected directly to the fire hose,” he joked on the line from Washington DC. Stone now heads Technology Transformation for Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare at KPMG. He is currently exploring KPMG capabilities in the UK, US, Canada, Korea and Australia, with a view to creating new propositions that exploit those capabilities. 

“I am looking at the capabilities of the organisation around the world and how I can mobilise these,” he said of his new role. KPMG believes modernisation of infrastructure and healthcare to “harness the power of technology to transform services” is one of the biggest areas of digital potential globally, which Stone agrees saying defence, health and transportation are key areas. 

“Digital transformation though is just a means to an end,” he said of how the new technologies are just the beginning of significant change management programmes for CIOs and entire public sector organisations. “There are demands from the CEO and the business to access data and at the same time to reduce costs,” he said. “Balancing legacy management and finding a way to hypothecate savings there to fund the more modern approaches is at the heart of it all,” he said of the demands CIOs are facing. 

Mike StoneHaving been a major user of advisors in his CIO roles, Stone (pictured right) says he hopes he can help KPMG improve its services further. 

The CIO completed his secondment to the Ministry of Defence as Chief Digital and Information Officer in March 2017. During Stone’s time at the MoD the organisation “grabbed the concept of cloud, hybrid cloud and mobility,” in particular thanks to Stone working with Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, to build a Microsoft data centre in the UK, which the MoD now is a major user of. 

Stone said those savings from moving to the cloud were used to pay for the transformation projects. The CIO led a significant review of technology supply contracts with Hewlett Packard Enterprises that had been operating the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) contract. “We reviewed all the contracts and renegotiated them in very quick order, root and branch in just nine months,” he said. Negotiations began in October 2014 and were completed by July 2015. 

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