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CIO Richard Corbridge to leave national role in Ireland for Leeds

CIO Richard Corbridge. Picture by Vicky Matthers iconphotomedia 

Health sector CIO Richard Corbridge is heading back to the UK to become CIO of the Leeds NHS Teaching Hospital Trust it has been announced in Ireland where Corbridge has been CIO for the Health Service Executive (HSE) since December 2014.

Corbridge was the first CIO of the HSE and Tony O’Brien Director General of the HSE told Irish Medical Times that the role may remain open for some time but the search for a new CIO will begin in September. Sources within the HSE confirmed Corbridge’s departure to Horizon.

In November Corbridge will become CIO of the Leeds NHS Teaching Hospital Trust. The Leeds trust is one of the largest employers in the thriving city with 16,000 staff and is one of Europe’s largest teaching hospitals. The trust says it has a budget of £1 billion and serves a population of 780,000.

At the HSE Corbridge has been responsible for a significant modernisation programme in health care technology which has included the introduction of Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIO). The HSE also pioneered digital patient identifiers putting the patient in control of their health information, a project that involved not only a major technology implementation, but also a significant communications programme with the general public of Ireland.  

His work was not only focused on improving technology within the healthcare service of Ireland, Corbridge also immersed himself in helping Ireland’s fast growing healthcare technology startup scene, telling the Horizon CIO podcast that it was important to drive the economy and prosperity of Ireland, which in turn will improve the health of the nation and lower the impact on the healthcare sector.

During his tenure in Ireland Corbridge has also worked with his team to ensure that being the CIO of the HSE was not an ivory tower role close to the seat of power in Dublin. The CIO created roadshows and healthcare conferences across the country, with this title taking part in events not only in the capital but also Cork.

Corbridge joined the HSE having been CIO with the National Institute for Health Research, a Department of Health funded organisation to collate health information and encourage pharmaceutical research in the UK. The CIO has spent the bulk of his career in healthcare, including stints in Leeds as well as Solihull.

Corbridge, alongside NHS peers Will Smart and Joanna Smith, discussed the pace of innovation in healthcare in the first CIO podcast from this title, telling listeners that: “things are moving faster than ever” and that CIO collaboration is at an all time high.

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