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Communications skills poll for CIOs and innovation leaders


Let’s be honest, we’re all interested in how we stack up against our peers, something that’s relatively easy to do if we’re talking about budgets, staffing levels or business efficiencies. We’re not so hot when it comes to the softer skills, but no less important, aspects of our work. In particular the ways we communicate, collaborate and the culture we encourage inside our departments and, maybe, our organisations.

Horizon Business Innovation isn’t here to pontificate or determine what’s right or wrong. We offer this poll as a way of seeing how your style and approach stack up against your peers’.

The poll takes just a few minutes. Eight multiple choice (four answers each) and you’re all done. You’ll see immediately how other CIO’s are responding.

Something to mull over the festive season?

Each week we will summarise the poll outcomes so that you can get a good sense of how you fit in the overall pattern of CIOs in  communication, collaboration and cultural terms. Thank you for taking part.


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