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Innovation Summit CIOs demonstrate the need for integrated vision

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Steam did to the canal industry what digital disruptors can do to a poorly integrated business. 

A canal is crossed by railways and road, used by narrow boats, walkers and cyclists.  Each form of transport is vital for different purposes and in an integrated society all would be options to get from one place to another. 

In the modern enterprise there exists the technology equivalents of the canal, footpath, cycle lane, road and railway. All of these tools are essential for the organisation to get from proposal to sale, to outcome to revenue recognition and bills paid.  For the CIO that means a landscape of technologies from a wealth of suppliers. 

Society has failed to integrate the various transport networks, which in turn has created legacy issues and the opportunity for value to not be realised from these assets.  As I put together the second Innovation Leadership Summit, which takes place on September 13, 2017, I was considering how today’s leading CIOs and CTOs are working with startups and fast growth technology providers; how working methods in a myriad of sectors are changing and what the impact of these would be on society.  So it was fascinating as the Summit approached to see a relative startup, Metro Bank, change the job description of its digital leader to CIO. 

Job title changes do little to excite the CIO community, but the fact that integration was highlighted as key issue for Martyn Atkinson in his role shows that the topics we’ll discuss at this year’s Innovation Leadership Summit are high on your agenda in the community.  The response to the article added weight to our argument too. 

Horizon Business Innovation and its CIO podcasts and events was created to bring innovation leaders together. The CIO and CTO community asked for more opportunities to meet and network with innovative providers. On my travels and interviews I see CIOs working with an ever widening range of suppliers, brokering vendor relationships for business lines and spending increasing amounts of time working with startups.  To bring all of these demands together to create a cohesive, secure, effective and cost efficient operation is the next panacea for CIOs.  Failure to do so will result in more silos, duplicated business processes, identical projects running in tandem and ultimately to service failure. 

Just as any traveller knows that in the UK you cannot seamlessly step off a train onto a bus or bicycle, let alone use a canal. Organisations and CIOs that fail to integrate will create a multi-layered disconnected landscape that does not connect and interoperate. At the Innovation Leadership Summit in London you are invited to hear from peers in travel, health, financial and professional services who have integrated grid computing, communities and service providers to avoid falling into a canal of disjointedness.

CIO Laura Dawson speaking at a recent Horizon CIO community event 

About the Innovation Leadership Summit: 

The 2017 Innovation Leadership Summit will take place on September 13, 2017 at Kings Place, Kings Cross, London.  The venue, facing Google’s new UK home, will host CIOs from financial and professional services, the NHS, industry, charity, media and energy. The event is a full day conference in half a day, giving CIOs their afternoon back to keep on top of their demanding roles.

To attend the 2017 Innovation Leadership Summit, register for a ticket here. Attendance is strictly for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, IT Directors and innovation leaders.

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