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Network Rail gives CIO ticket to car industry man Jeremy Vincent


Jeremy Vincent begins his career as CIO of Network Rail today, the rail infrastructure operator confirms.  Vincent has been CIO with automotive firm Jaguar Land Rover for the last eight years and parted company with the Coventry based, Indian owned business in June of this year.  

Vincent joined Jaguar Land Rover in 2008 following the sell off of the Midlands manufacturers from Ford to Tata.  Vincent managed the rapid split of Jaguar Land Rover from US owned global vehicle giants Ford and as a result was a very early adopter of the Google email and Apps platforms.

Vincent succeeds Susan Cooklin as CIO. Cooklin was Group CIO at Network Rail for seven years and was Head of IT Delivery for two and a half years prior to becoming CIO.  Cooklin earlier in 2016 moved from the role of CIO to that of route services director.

“Jeremy has had a distinguished career in IT and I am delighted that he is joining Network Rail. Jeremy brings a wealth of experience in programme delivery and business change to route services and will lead the delivery of customer focussed technology,” Cooklin said in a statement.

Route Services supplies services to all of Network Rail’s business units.  Vincent will be responsible for supplying IT, including infrastructure and support services as part of this unit.

Vincent will lead the delivery of route services’ customer-focused enabling technology as well as the back office IT operations to deliver a more efficient national service to Network Rail’s devolved route businesses Network Rail said.

Picture by Vicky Matthers iconphotomedia London Midland launch of new high speed train ‘Project 110’ at Euston Station, London.Wednesday 27th February 2013

Vincent joins the rail sector at a key time with the industry beginning to realise it too must focus on the customer and change its internal operations as a result.  Across Europe rail operators are beginning to collaborate more closely with the French, German and Italian rail networks sharing ticketing and timetable data and in the UK the current government is looking to reform the poorly managed state of deregulation from the last time it was in office.

Since leaving luxury car maker Jaguar Land Rover has removed technology leadership from its board Horizon is led to believe.

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