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A platform for Horizon scanning and innovative CIOs, business technology and industry leaders.

Key elements will be interviews with forward thinking leaders; shared insights and opinions from industry leaders that can help CIOs and business technology leaders.

CIOs face incredible challenges from new technologies like drones and connected devices, as well as new business models like AirBnB.

Our aim is to create a series of workshop events to help CIOs understand these technologies. Another challenge and opportunity for CIOs is the wealth of new technology providers entering the market. CIOs no longer have IBM, Microsoft and Oracle as their main choice of technology. Horizon act as a CIO-as-a-service, providing introductions and access to advisors, coaches, mentors, communications and media services as well as business and technology providers. Horizon work with vendors who are challenging the status quo of the enterprise IT stack. Our roundtable dinners are an opportunity for CIOs to meet and influence the tier 2 vendors as they develop. Horizon dinners analyse and discuss the vendors and topics that many sponsored events cannot.

Advisory Service

Insights and access to services from professionals that can help CIOs and business technology leaders with the innovation journey.

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