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Amazon AWS and Azure set to be eclipsed

HorizonPodcastChair of the Cloud Industry Forum Richard Sykes believes the trailblazers of cloud computing Amazon as well as the fast follower Microsoft potentially face being eclipsed by a new breed of technologies that will give CIOs agility and cost saving far and away better than cloud computing.

Debating the changing business and technology landscape with this title’s Horizon Business Innovation CIO podcast Sykes, formerly CIO of the international chemicals manufacturer ICI, said the CIO community face an exciting future if they are aware of and using the latest technology services from the organisations such as Canonical, Packet and container technology like Docker.

“There will be a massive surge of a new way of doing things,” Sykes tells the podcast which launches season two tomorrow. Talking to Horizon, Sykes says the cloud giants like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS have taken a huge chunk out of the stalwart technology providers such as HP, but the analyst and cloud industry expert believes Azure and AWS face a disruption of the same scale as they inflicted in the last decade.

“A competitor to Amazon and Microsoft is Packet, cold metal big centres of servers and they provide a spot market and you put your software structures of Docker and containers on top of that and I see Canonical doing that and it will be so effective for innovating rapidly and to operate very effectively that it will give Microsoft and Amazon a run for their money,” he tells the podcast recorded in central London as an outside broadcast.

“If you take a step back, the great thing about the Amazon revolution is that they bought virtualisation and automation to core computing and you could get the basic computing with high efficiency and affordability, but they are running their datacentres as you would run your datacentre. The datacentre is all software defined, so a new revolution is coming through where the whole shooting match is software defined as a software pile. Canonical (founded by Mark Shuttleworth who founded Ubunto and went to space), are bringing in new structures that allow you to operate in that environment, so with containers and Docker, which are very structured to allow you to go and operate in a much more flexible fashion. All of these are shorthand for new ways to create your software structures that is very flexible and very effective and you are beginning to get a new type of player.

The Horizon Business Innovation podcast is entering its second season and over forthcoming episodes will discuss rethinking public sector IT, diversity, the Manchester powerhouse as well as all the presentations from the recent Innovation Leadership Summit, produced by this title. You can download the podcast from Apple, Stitcher or listen to them at the Horizon website.

Sykes is chair of the Cloud Industry Forum, which was founded in 2009 to bring credibility to the cloud service provider sector. It is a not for profit company championing the adoption of cloud based technology.

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