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CIO podcast: The rise of the interim CIO

22 February, 2018

In the last three years the interim CIO become increasingly prevalent and importantly, more impactful on organisations. Interim CIOs Jill Lucas, Christian McMahon, Emmet Townsend, an interim transformation director and interim search expert Pat Lynes, discuss being, commissioning, ups and downs of the interim life

Staff and organisations need to embark on joint endeavour

16 February, 2018

Contracts that show no respect to the relationship between individuals and innovation have to be torn up. In today’s economy where so many barriers to entry are low, an idea can be turned into reality rapidly and before you know it your organisation has lost margin or customers where it needn’t have done Read

CIO podcast: Carlson Wagonlit Chief Data Scientist transforms travel

31 January, 2018

Described as the new oil, data really is changing the corporate travel industry and delivering profits as the data leader of the world’s largest corporate travel firm tells the Horizon CIO podcast and its Editor Mark Chillingworth

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