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CIO podcast: The CIO that survived cancer to build a startup for sufferers

7 March, 2018

This week’s CIO podcast is going to be a difficult listen for many, but this is also a story of hope.
It is a story that is at the heart of being a CIO and one that demonstrates what Editor Mark Chillingworth has said for many years, that this CIO community can do great things

CIO podcast: The rise of the interim CIO

22 February, 2018

In the last three years the interim CIO become increasingly prevalent and importantly, more impactful on organisations. Interim CIOs Jill Lucas, Christian McMahon, Emmet Townsend, an interim transformation director and interim search expert Pat Lynes, discuss being, commissioning, ups and downs of the interim life

CIO Podcast: Best time in years to be a CIO

24 January, 2018

Advisors and observers believe the role changes by CIOs in 2017 demonstrates a halcyon period to be a CIO or CTO. Catherine Stagg-Macey and Richard Sykes discuss the transformational role of the CIO with Mark Chillingworth, CIO podcast editor.

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