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CIO Podcast: Is SAP restricting CIO’s ability to be agile?

21 June, 2018

Ending support for non-SAP databases in 2025 means CIOs face a difficult decision, invest in a major infrastructure upgrade or, and more likely, focus on digital customer centric strategies. CIO Mark Lockton-Goddard and SAP expert Bryan Oak debate

CIO Podcast: London’s digital leadership

14 June, 2018

CDO for London and NHS CIO are at the helm of improving not only public sector technology, but the economy of the city. Theo Blackwell and Stephen Docherty talk to the Horizon CIO Podcast for London Tech Week

CIO Podcast: Sport CIOs – how F1, football, cricket & rugby CIOs lead

24 May, 2018

What do cricket, football, motor racing and rugby have in common? Not a lot some purists of these sports may argue? CIOs from F1, football, cricket and rugby tell Mark Chillingworth about building winning teams with data and technology

CIO podcast: Craig Walker, Global CIO Shell Downstream

2 May, 2018

The energy revolution will also bring about a service revolution, Shell Downstream CIO Craig Walker tells Mark Chillingworth about the total change in culture and operations at one of the world’s largest chemical businesses

CIO podcast: The CIO that survived cancer to build a startup for sufferers

7 March, 2018

This week’s CIO podcast is going to be a difficult listen for many, but this is also a story of hope.
It is a story that is at the heart of being a CIO and one that demonstrates what Editor Mark Chillingworth has said for many years, that this CIO community can do great things

CIO podcast: Carlson Wagonlit Chief Data Scientist transforms travel

31 January, 2018

Described as the new oil, data really is changing the corporate travel industry and delivering profits as the data leader of the world’s largest corporate travel firm tells the Horizon CIO podcast and its Editor Mark Chillingworth

CIO Podcast: Best time in years to be a CIO

24 January, 2018

Advisors and observers believe the role changes by CIOs in 2017 demonstrates a halcyon period to be a CIO or CTO. Catherine Stagg-Macey and Richard Sykes discuss the transformational role of the CIO with Mark Chillingworth, CIO podcast editor.

CIO podcast: Making public sector procurement agile

7 December, 2017

Over the last two years I have had direct dealings with procurement teams in major organisations and it has not been a pleasant experience.  A canal side discussion with leading CIOs following this title’s Innovation Leadership Summit in September 2017 made it clear that procurement is a thorny issue for CIOs and organisations as a whole. But this week’s Horizon CIO podcast is not an Read

CIO podcast: Manchester & the Northern Powerhouse

2 November, 2017

CIO Graham Benson, Alec Laurie and Tim Newns of Manchester investment discuss the pros and cons of the Northern Powerhouse branding and reveal the city is far from Hard Times as its digital future develops

CIO podcast: Ireland’s public sector celtic tigers

25 October, 2017

Ireland is booming as Europe’s digital hub and following Brexit could well become a financial services capital, its government services must keep up with the tiger. The Horizon CIO podcast visited its two most senior CIOs Barry Lowry and Richard Corbridge

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