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Cindy Fedell, CIO backs Local Care Records Exemplars

20170412_Cindy Fedell_08The government has launched an initiative to bring NHS organisations and local government closer together, to increase collaboration and to ensure there is integrated local care within hospitals and the local community.  CIOs such as Richard Corbridge at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Dylan Roberts his local government counterpart in the major Yorkshire city are already pushing ahead with the programme.

Dubbed the Local Integrated Care Records Exemplars (LICRE) has been soft launched by NHS England and clearly understands that information is the key to greater care and collaboration in the community.  

Over a twelve month period, these LICRE’s will build on solutions already in place to offer a more advanced level of integration of health and care information between the NHS local authorities who are responsible for delivering social care. LICRE is not an initiative for new technology, but an opportunity to consolidate systems and break down silos of information, CIOs from across the health sector have told the Horizon CIO podcast.

Cindy Fedell is CIO for the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Fedell spoke at the UK’s largest CIO conference, the Horizon CIO podcast’s Innovation Leadership Summit and her presentation is available as a podcast.

“My role is more and more about the transformation and how can technology make a service and a patient better, or a clinician’s job easier. So my official job title is Director of Informatics and IT,” Fedell says.

Fedell believes LICRE will be helpful for local government and NHS CIO as it “provides funding ideally to develop in areas without GDE funding,” she says of the NHS England’s existing Global Digital Exemplars (GDE) programme.

“The NHS England strategy The Five Year Forward View specifically calls for closer working in local health economies.  Funding and performance are also being tied to regions,” Fedell says of the benefits of the LICRE programme.

Fedell is already trail blazing a number of collaborative efforts and is involved in a number of groups pushing the boundaries of health technology in areas such wearable, mobile and informatics. “There is a definite evolution and maturity happening.

The electronic patient records (EPR) roll out is a joint project with the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust and Bradford is also part of an eight trust programme to modernise their imaging services.

“It started out as a joint procurement when the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) ends, but then realised that there a transformation opportunities that allows us to do new ways of working. So we are now looking at the opportunities and what are the arrangements. It will change so much and is an opportunity for remote working and flexible working,” Fedell says of the joined up programmes.

Fedell is also Executive Lead on Digital 2020, a board formed to drive the adoption of digital health across  Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, and Craven through supporting the development, implementation and evaluation of the impact of innovative new digital health technology. Fedell says 2020 is all about working together to coordinate around the needs of what is usually one set of patients. “If we all act as one then we are not duplicating.” As part of this programme the 2020 Board surveyed patients in a workshop and found they were surprised that data is not already shared.

Fedell confirmed that her Bradford trust has been invited to bid as part of the Yorkshire region.


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