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CIO designs a sprint to courageous ways of working

Picture by Matt Gore iconbusinessmedia Northumbrian water 'Learning to fly'
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By being courageous and adopting new ways of working Northumbrian Water Group can continually meet the needs of its customers, James Robbins, Northumbrian Water CIO said at the annual innovation conference of the utility provider.

“Courage and capacity are our two biggest challenges,” Robbins told delegates at the fifth innovation conference for Northumbrian Water Group. “If we are to be innovative we have to be a bit more disruptive,” Robbins said in a rallying call.

The Northumbrian Water CIO outlined that the organisation was already well on the way and has a strong culture of innovation and team ethics.

“Collections of individuals come together on major projects like billing or asset management. When we create the space and time, we have the capacity to innovate,” he said. “We don’t really have too much against us.”

Northumbrian Water and the IS department are adopting the design sprint methodologies used by highly innovative companies such as Google, Lego, cloud computing software firm Salesforce and online music service Spotify. Already Northumbrian Water has used  the method to build Apps for ideas that members of the organisation have and to improve its customer service challenges with unresolved service issues, which CIO Robbins said was  already having a significant impact.

Robbins detailed the major transformations that have taken place since Northumbrian Water Group began hosting its internal innovation conferences. He explained how in 2012 the organisation was getting ready for the future, movie Back to the Future was a theme of the event with the need for Northumbrian Water to once again think and prepare for its future.


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