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CIO steps up to be CEO at London Grid for Learning

Public sector veteran CIO moves into top seat at schools services provider

Long standing CIO John Jackson has left his role at the London Borough of Camden to become a CEO with London Grid for Learning Trust. Jackson had a 10 year tenure as CIO at Camden.

The London Grid for Learning Trust is a not for profit trust servicing over 2,500 schools and over 30 councils in London and beyond with technology operations.

Jackson takes over one the world’s largest educational networks which provides educational content, high speed internet connectivity and associated services to state schools and councils.

In a recent meeting Jackson described how important cloud computing is to the London Grid for Learning Trust and it’s ability to deliver services at a good cost base to the public sector.

“It is time for the cloud to become a value added cloud that delivers transformation, not just does things more cheaply,” he said at the Camden Borough headquarters opposite St Pancras station in the newly redeveloped area.

As CIO at Camden Jackson won strong support from his leadership team and throughout government technology circles for his information centric strategy which led to a rapidly delivered digital strategy to the Borough. “An open and interoperable system using APIs to make good use of our legacy,” Jackson said. “The systems can therefore change to meet the needs of the community.”

Jackson’s and Camden’s strategy ensures that the 500 employees in the Borough organisation use digital services to share and improve working practices.

“This has resulted in Camden getting rid of 22 kilometres of paper and that then enables the receipt of £10 million in capital through the consolidation of buildings, which leads to a better way of working as a worker for example has no need to be near a filing cabinet to answer a residential question,” he said.

The London Grid for Learning Trust operates as a consortium of 33 local education authorities in the capital city. Launched in the year 2000 the trust was initially a procurement body.

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