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CIOs invited to meet next generation marketing platforms

“Organisations want insight,” a plethora of CIOs have told me over recent years in discussions on data and analytics. In today’s highly competitive, disruptive and still challenging economy organisations want insight that can deliver a unique opportunity to increase revenue. This demand for greater insight and to create a competitive advantage has witnessed the development of new marketing platforms and behaviours.

Horizon is the new community by Mark Chillingworth to bring innovative leaders together. The first collaboration by Horizon is with venture capitalists Next World Capital and a group of next generation marketing platforms. The event takes place on February 2, 2016 at the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London and is an opportunity to meet challenger marketing tools and discuss the delivery of insight from rising levels of data, often termed Big Data.

Three leading edge marketing platforms and two business users will discuss the business outcomes that can be delivered through greater insight, targeted analysis and increased accuracy. This is a debate about making a difference to the business and its customers through the use of new tools rather than a discussion on the merits of Big Data.

Origami Logic is Silicon Valley business created to improve the decision making speed of marketing departments through increased data levels and agility. Origami Logic aims to ensure that  organisations avoid drowning in data levels and as a result have low insight levels.

CEO and founder of Origami Logic Opher Kahane will address the event. Kahane is a serial startup entrepreneur, Origami Logic is his third disruptive technology business, having started and sold on voice over IP (VOIP) firm ClassX and a VOIP analytics firm Kagoor Networks in the past.

AgilOne CEO Omer Artun will join me in a panel debate on turning Big Data dreams into operational reality. AgilOne technology is focused on predictive marketing and improving personalisation. It states on its website “We want to restore the personal relationships companies had with customers in the days of the corner butcher store.”

AgilOne is focused on using the depth and wealth of data available to organisations, but to cut out the cost of hiring data scientists.

AgilOne offers organisations a cloud based data scientist service by collating multi-channel customer data and using machine learning and algorithms to ensure marketeers have personalised  marketing available. CEO Artun is himself a computational neuroscience and physics PHD scientist from the Brown University.  Artun worked on pattern recognition, data mining and complex system modelling with Nobel Laureate Physicist Leon Cooper and went on to become a consultant with McKinsey & Co in retail and technology. He has also worked as a marketeer, at retail giants Best Buy before forming AgilOne.

Also on stage is John Philips, EMEA VP of Zuora a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription business model tool. The Zuora application automates the billing, on-boarding, analytics and finance side of subscription management, a model that has returned to the fore in the last 12 to 18 months. Based in California, Zuora was founded in 2007 by KV Rao, Cheng Zou and Tien Tzuo, all of whom had been with disruptive tech firms WebEx and Salesforce.

Zuora’s platform keeps track of subscription payments, invoices, pricing, product catalogs, and taxation. The platform is also native to Salesforce allowing sales teams to create a sale in Salesforce and view subscription data in the same Salesforce platform. Founder and CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff is an investor in Zuora.

John Philips leads Zuora across Europe, Asia and the Middle East and will be taking part in the debate on turning Big Data dreams into business reality.

This event is not a pitching opportunity for challenger vendors, two business leaders that are adopting insight based marketing approaches and tools will be joining us. One is a well established organisation under-going increasing levels of market transformation, the other a challenger in the competitive retail space.

Secret Sales, a London based luxury retailer is harnessing analytics and subscription to deliver an experience based retail outlet. The organisation “edits” its daily sales of 600 brands, these sales can at times have discounts of 70%. CEO of Secret Sales Nish Kukadia will be speaking at the event alongside Bill Noah, Group IT security at TUI, one of the largest travel operators in Europe.

Event hosts Next World Capital is a venture capital organisation with a strong track record and has been involved in transformative technology firms such as Datastax. Next World Capital describes itself as an early-revenue stage VC and specialises in software, mobile and internet based businesses from its operations in San Francisco, London and Paris. An investment by Next World Capital will focus on enabling a startup scale its rapid growth towards revenue.

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