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CMOs and CIOs must collaborate on Customer Identity Management

Marketing and technology business leaders share the same concerns that customer identity information is not used to its full efficiency. Research carried out by Icon Business Media, publishers of Horizon finds that C-suite marketing and technology leaders are seeking the same solutions to customer identity challenges in their organisations.

Linda Hartell, Dalesman Cafe and TearoomsThe research, carried out through personal interviews, reveals that marketing and technology leaders are not collaborating and could resolve some of the challenges they face with teams combining their efforts.

Business leaders in marketing and technology seek a greater understanding of their customer base and plan a near-future where products and services are more personalised and tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Organisations interviewed by Icon Business Media are also acutely aware of the need to increase the appropriateness and level of communications they make to their customer base. Both sets of business leaders understood that communications will only succeed if it is well targeted and welcomed by the customer, therefore a strong customer identity management strategy was required.

Many of the organisations taking part in the research have multi-channel routes to their customers. Despite the much heralded promise of multi-channel business models, the Amido sponsored research finds that many organisations are not able to develop a coherent single view of the customer as a result of their multi-channel deployments to date.

Amido a leading consultancy in cloud computing, search and customer identity management, is hosting a debate, chaired by the report author and editor of Horizon Mark Chillingworth on Thursday October 6 at Soho Hotel with leading CIOs from retail and financial services speaking in a debate.

To join the event register at: https://www.amido.com/landing-page/are-you-making-it-personal-event/

You can download and read the full Amido sponsored report at:  https://www.amido.com/landing-page/are-you-making-it-personal/



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