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Coventry City Council CIO joins water regulators

ACE_CIPFA_LisaCommane_N7A2972 (1)UK water industry regulatory Ofwat has appointed Lisa Commane, CIO and transformation leader for Coventry City Council to its senior leadership team.  Commane joins Ofwat as the Senior Director for Business Improvement.

Commane joined the midlands city local authority in 2006 and has been with the organisation since leading customer service procurement, human resources (HR), IT and customer service.

“There has been a shift in the mindset of what we need to do and we have lead the teams towards that change,” Commane told Horizon Business Innovation earlier this year.  “Previously the experience residents had of local government was like an old bank,” Commane played a major role in changing the focus of teams across Coventry City Council as well as in her own IT team.

“We need to really start to deliver end to end service change, there’s an urgency to improve customer experience and reduce cost. That may mean us working more closely with other partners to get greater pace to digital redesign,” she said in an interview at the Council headquarters.

Commane joins Ofwat in September 2017.  

Ofwat is the latest independent regulatory organisation to begin a major transformation programme and hire experienced business technology leaders to drive through the change. David Doherty joined telecommunications and media regulator Ofcom in December 2013 and led a business and technology transformation until September 2016 that saw the introduction of cloud technologies, including Microsoft Office 365, to enable Ofcom to be a more collaborative and mobile organisation.

Ofwat sets the prices for water and sewage services in the UK. The regulator was set up in 1989 alongside the programme of privatisation of water companies.

20131030_Brian Denham_29
Ofwat regulates all aspects of the water supply industry. Picture by Icon Photo Media 
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