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CTO Finbarr Joy takes a Superbet on returning to gaming sector

Finbarr JoyFinbarr Joy (pictured left) has returned to the gaming industry as Group CTO with European challenger Superbet.  Joy has been Group CTO with telecoms service provider Lebarra since March 2016, having joined the London headquartered communications company from traditional gaming firm William Hill.  

Romania based Superbet has 580 retail gaming premises in its home market but has hired CTO Joy and a number of gaming leaders with William Hill heritage as the organisation plans rapid expansion of its online and physical businesses beyond Romania.

“This is the first time I have returned to the same sector,” Joy told Horizon Business Innovation. “Superbet have a staggering growth ambition and are looking to go beyond Romania and Croatia.” SuperBet was founded in 2009 and has already grown to a business of 2000 employees and launched its online business in 2016.

“To date it has been a retail led gaming firm, but longer term they are looking at both retail and digital,” Joy says. The Yorkshireman has set up a satellite office in Leeds which will be a key part of the growth of Superbet. The CTO says one of the exciting opportunities is to make the most of the latest generation of technology platforms, which he believes will give the organisation an edge on rivals.

Romania is not only a rapidly growing gaming market, it is also a key location for the gaming developers community.

“Superbet is a very entrepreneurial business and it is very important to hold onto the culture as a core strength,” Joy says. Adding: “The growth is likely to be a combination of digital and territorial and I wouldn’t rule out retail expansion in some markets,” he says of meeting the needs of certain national cultures.

Joy remains involved with Lebarra as a Board Technology Advisor having been CTO for a year. Prior to joining Lebarra Joy was Group CTO with William Hill the gaming firm seen on many of the UK’s high streets from November 2013 until he joined Lebarra in March 2016, as reported by this title.

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