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CTO gains access to 20 technologies in one day of development

Francesco De MarchisCIO of Low-cost travel
Francesco De Marchis CIO of Low Cost Travel Group CTO: Matt Gore Icon Business Media

Icon Business Media, publishers of Horizon has spent today providing editorial and communications support to the chief technology officer (CTO) of Low Cost Travel, a UK headquartered travel operator.

CTO of Low Cost Travel Francesco de Marchis is leading and running a hackathon, The Take Off, over two days to further drive the innovation in his organisation and to seek out new ideas and new talent for the organisation. 

The Hackathon has attracted 60 hackers who are working on five business challenges that CTO de Marchis and the Low Cost Travel business believe their business and their sector could improve. 

As the first day of the hackathon draws towards a beer and pizza (attendees will be here and hacking until midnight) de Marchis has a room full of technologists working with 20 different technologies.  A list of the technologies being used is below. 

There cannot be many organisations that would have access to skilled development in 20 different technologies. And therein lies the power of hackathons, access to skills and enthusiasm in an environment that allows experimentation at very low risk. 

The hackathon has full involvement from CTO de Marchis’ own team as well as universities, technology suppliers and individuals.

  1. C Sharp
  2. ASP.Net
  3. JavaScript 
  4. Json database
  5. MongoDB
  6. Azure
  7. Angular Bootstrap
  8. AngularJS
  9. Google Charts
  10. React
  11. Spring framework
  12. jQuery
  13. Node.JS
  14. SQL
  15. Android
  16. Ionic HTML 5 framework
  17. CakePHP
  18. Eclipse
  19. Java Server Pages
  20. Apache TomCat

The Take Off Low Cost Travel Group hackathon is being supported by leading technology suppliers, including Rackspace, Microsoft, DataArt, Amadeus and Intent Media.

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