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CTOs and CIO crucial to organisational culture change


Over half of CTOs and CIOs see their role as crucial to changing the culture of their organisations, an online poll by this title reveals.  

During December (you can still take part, click here) the Horizon community of innovation leaders were polled to analyse their soft skills and in particular the all important communications skills.

As you can see from the image gallery below, today’s CTO and CIO is increasingly focused on the people in their team and organisation and less on the operation of technology.  Nearly 70% of those taking part in the poll said 75% of their time as a senior business technology leader was spent in people management and over half of those taking part in the poll said stakeholder relationships are vital to them.

Disclosure: Publishers of Horizon Icon Business Media provide communications and editorial services to CTOs and CIOs. No client of Icon Business Media took part in the poll. You can learn more about Icon Business Media here. Q2







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