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Customer privacy the big tech  leader opportunity 

Safe harbour and forgotten search history are real opportunities

Providing the customer with privacy following an online interaction  will be a game changing opportunity for CIOs and vendors over the coming year.

In 2015 privacy issues rose up the agenda with the EU ruling in October 2015 that the US Safe Harbor data transfer agreement was void and earlier in the year challenges to Google by consumers to have some of their history forgotten. Three challenger marketing tools, all being backed by Next World Capital, and Bill Noah, CISO of tourism firm TUI all explained the privacy challenge and opportunity. Horizon partnered with venture capital organisation Next World Capital to debate and engage with a new generation of marketing platforms and the role of Big Data in organisations.

“It’s the customer’s data,” John Philips, Zuora EMEA VP said. “Tech firms have to go out and solve this issue,” the subscriptions management platform leader said. Philips believes CIOs and technology providers have just 12 months to find a solution.

Omer Artun, CEO of marketing platform AgilOne agrees and sees the challenge as a real opportunity for business technology leaders to innovate. “Privacy is a personalisation issue and it is a comfort issue. So privacy must be a feature in our products.” The former data scientist and analyst says leading organisations are already embracing the challenge.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of tourism firm TUI Bill Noah agreed and added: “Educate the organisation and be secure by design. The earlier you involve the lawyers and the CISO you can mould the outcome,” he said collaborative working ensures that the organisation can together find a better solution to issues such as privacy and in doing so create a solution that protects and pleases the customer, yet also delivers a valuable set of information for the marketing teams to use.

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