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Meet innovative high growth vendors

Horizon was formed in January 2016 to meet a rising demand for the CIO community and the high-growth innovative service providers to meet and share information. 

Produced by a professional team of industry experts and journalists

Horizon is backed by some of the UK’s most connected and knowledgeable commentators and practitioners of business technology leadership. CIOs with a rich experience of multiple vertical markets and CIO community editor Mark Chillingworth drive Horizon to help innovation leaders come together. 

Designated networking opportunity

Meet peers and thought-provoking business innovators at a range of community inspired events. The Horizon team guarantee that the attendees will challenge orthodoxy and scan the near future for opportunities.

Topics chosen by a panel of expert CIO's

Backed by a hand-picked team of experts Horizon aims to benefit the CIO community by bringing innovation into the heart of the network.

Robust debate hosted by journalist Mark Chillingworth

Horizon editor Mark Chillingworth brings over 20-years of quality business and technology journalism to Horizon. As the UK’s most experienced CIO event moderator, interviewer and commentator, Chillingworth is passionate about innovation and business technology leaders. 

Fantastic inspirational venues and content programs

Horizon has partnered with events spaces that reflect the innovative and transformational journey organisations are on. CIOs will meet and debate with cutting edge coders as well as innovation firms and peers. 

Round Table

 Join peers to discuss the key topics of business technology leadership and enjoy fine dining at the same time. Horizon round table dinner debates are an opportunity to share experiences, analyse trends and build your personal professional network. Each Horizon round table dinner is moderated by CIO  editor Mark Chillingworth, who has been at the centre of the CIO community since 2008.


Hone your business technology leadership skills at the Horizon Masterclass events. Experts in people management, business strategy, technology implementation and communications will guide CIOs through the challenges of today’s fluid economy and constantly changing business landscape. 



See the future of your CIO strategy as high-growth technology and service providers describe and debate the innovations business technology leaders can embrace. Each Horizon event is an exercise in live journalism as practitioners and innovators collaborate to shape the next generation of enterprise technology transformation. 


Previous Events

About the event:

News UK CIO Christina Scott, Red Badger Founder and CIO Stuart Harris and Horizon Editor Mark Chillingworth explore increasing the speed to market of web properties and how a serverless architecture could revolutionise the modern enterprise.

This event will debate both the business case and the technology CIOs can explore in adopting  Immutable Infrastructure as Code and the serverless opportunity. Christina Scott will describe the business issues of the need to increase speed to market, working across teams, how speed to market is a business-wide issue and not a pure technology problem, how organisational culture needs to change, empowerment of teams, being really agile, understanding the business needs and communicating to the senior leadership team the benefits of increasing speed to market.

Topics to be discussed will include:

In Partnership with

  • Increasing business agility and increasing the speed to market
  • Simplification of the business
  • Reducing the cost of application maintenance
  • Improving the architectural foundations of an organisation
  • Serverless as form of next generation outsourcing
  • Personalisation of services and how a serverless strategy can deliver this
  • Moving from on-premise to cloud to PaaS and onto serverless
  • Reduced network and firewall costs and management
  • Increased security



CIO debate on how utilising customer identity data can drive revenue. Horizon brings together innovation leaders from the supply and use side to collaboratively seek opportunities.



In Association with


Following a key piece of research into CIOs and marketing decision makers across six vertical markets including retail, media, utilities and financial services, Horizon and Amido invite you to a CIO and CMO debate on: How utilising customer identity data can drive revenue.

This event only will discuss how organisations are utilising their ever-increasing amounts of customer data to personalise customer experience, increase long-term engagement and drive revenue.

Including an overview of the key research findings from a report created by Icon Business Media in association with cloud and customer data specialists Amido. Guest speakers include Bob Strudwick, CTO at online retailers ASOS who will be talking about the business drivers behind the identity solution at ASOS, and a panel of current and ex-CIOs and identity experts who will be debating:

  • What are CIOs doing to solve the increasing problem of multiple customer data sources
  • Whether multichannel strategies have created or broken down barriers between IT and marketing
  • Which sectors are leading the way in achieving a single customer view


This event is ideal for CIOs and CDOs who are responsible effective and consistent use of data to support revenue growth.

If you would like to attend, please enter your details here or feel free to contact Horizon Editor Mark Chillingworth.

This event is hosted by business innovation title Horizon and its Editor Mark Chillingworth and Amido, a technical consultancy specialising in assembling and integrating proven cloud technologies to improve customer data and identity management.

6thoctThursday 6 October from 6.30-9.30pm at Indigo Room at the Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews, London W1D 3DH
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