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Healthcare CIOs tell podcast innovation is at an all time high

Digital innovation in healthcare is better than ever say three of the UK’s leading health CIOs in the first Horizon podcast. Picture by Icon Photomedia, part of Icon Business Media

Healthcare technology innovation is in rude health, according to three of the UK’s most transformative CIOs speaking exclusively to Horizon Business Innovation for this title’s launch podcast.  (download and listen to the podcast here)

“I feel like things are moving faster than ever,” Richard Corbridge, CIO for the Health Service Executive in Ireland said at the podcast recording in Dublin, Ireland.  Corbridge, formerly CIO of the Clinical Research Network in the UK was hosting a week long health innovation showcase where the podcast was recorded and Horizon publishers Icon Business Media took part.  

“I’m more optimistic than I have ever been,” Will Smart of the NHS England added. “We have the capability to to really drive change at scale,” he tells the podcast.  Smart and Corbridge were debating  the changing innovation landscape in public healthcare.

“CIOs are now collaborating more than ever,” Corbridge says of how the positive energy is creating an energetic community. “Will has set up a group that share solutions and that is something that we have not done before and Ireland are part of that and is it phenomenal.”

20120927_CIO Summit_165
Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust CIO Joanna Smith at an event organised by the Editor

Joanna Smith, CIO with the Royal Brompton and Harefield Trust said that collaboration goes wider than just between health organisations. “One of our mantras is making ourselves much more accessible to our patients.”

In technology circles there is a great deal of discussion on the topic of disruption, which Corbridge, Smart and Smith are embracing.  “Many clinicians are engaged with the digital challenge,” Smart said.  He said the challenge for CIOs wasn’t about disturbing healthcare, it is to introduce change in the right way. “Medicine is not linear…it is important that we work with the grain of clinical practice.” Smart added that the plethora of health technology innovations is an opportunity to use: “Apps that go narrow and deep so that we can support clinicians,” and gather and use new information and care techniques.

“The introduction of the Chief Clinical  Information Officer, stolen from the NHS, is a positive disruption here,” Corbridge tells the Horizon podcast. “We must make sure that the disruption is by the clinician and that IT has to facilitate that. Technology is not the disruption it is the use of technology.”

“Medicine is very good at innovation,” Smart added. Corbridge cites NHS Digital, led by interim CTO Rachel Murphy, for the agility it brings to health.

“Now we have the empowered patient if we don’t innovate we are on the back foot,” Smith says. She adds: “It is a paradigm shift for the clinician and it is going to be a challenge for them, but most welcome it.”

“The dialogue around the use of data is really interesting… and it would be really great to do something like it,” Smart said of the open to the public nature of Corbridge’s Health Innovation Showcase in Dublin. All three CIOs tell the Horizon podcast of the importance of electronic health records and more importantly the dialogue and relationship with the public on the adoption of electronic health records.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

Picture by Vicky Matthers iconphotomedia CIO Richard Corbridge


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