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Icon Business Media and Bright Innovation form CIO comms partnership

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 CIO Editor Mark Chillingworth’s new business forms alliance with leading marketing agency Bright Innovation

Icon Business Media, the media production company that publishes Horizon and is Edited by Mark Chillingworth has entered into a partnership with Bright Innovation, a specialist marketing agency for high growth technology services business.

Together Icon Business Media and Bright Innovation can curate and deliver communications to CIOs and organisations delivering major change programmes or undergoing significant transformations.

Icon Business Media offers CIOs a personal media-as-a-service ability to communicate transformation across their organisation. With 20 years of experience, Icon Business Media can tailor story telling, events production and moderation; online and print product creation to the needs of a CIO and their organisation.

Bright Innovation is a leading agile marketing firm with deep experience of major corporations and today’s innovative and exciting technology and services firms. Like Icon Business Media Bright Innovation has wide experience and knowledge of the CIO community and its communications needs.

“Transformation projects are disruptive and have a major impact on the culture and lives of the people working in today’s organisations,” said CIO Editor Mark Chillingworth. “During my career as CIO Editor in Chief I have seen how successful transformation programmes use strong communications. Having brought the CIO community together as a writer, Editor and events leader, I’m now able to offer the same skills to CIOs looking to maximise the impact of their transformation programmes.”

In partnership Bright Innovation and Icon Business Media can both tailor the communications CIOs require, as well as deliver a significant marketing campaign around the communications to guarantee success.

“We can create an innovation event, write regular communiques and manage a variety of media channels on behalf of CIOs, in this partnership with Bright Innovation we are able to increase the skills and services and guarantee success to CIOs and fast growth technology companies,” Chillingworth said.

“We are delighted to be working with someone as well known and well respected in the CIO community as Mark Chillingworth,” Emma Sinden, Director of Bright Innovation says. “We have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of interest we are getting from CIOs, in what was traditionally seen as marketing or internal communications services. Digital transformation is front and centre for many of those running technology strategy for large enterprise and CIOs are very much aware of the importance of getting the right message out around this – both internally and externally.”

CIOs embarking on transformation programmes that require communications services can contact Mark Chillingworth on:markchillingworth@iconbusinessmedia.co.uk or Emma Sinden at Bright Innovation on: emma.sinden@brightinnovation.co.uk

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