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Is 2017 the year to change CTO or CIO roles?

Paul Brocklesby & Andrew Jordan, two of the senior leaders to change roles in 2016. Picture by Vicky Matthers iconphotomedia, part of Icon Business Media

Over the next three weeks Horizon will be exploring and discussing whether 2017 is a good year for CTOs and CIOs to change roles?  

In 2016 31 business technology leaders in sectors as varied as healthcare, leisure, retail and many others changed roles.  With two major role changes already this year at energy producer Drax and HS2, the TGV style rail network planned for the UK, it looks set to be another year of significant change.

In the first podcast Analysis of the CTO and CIO job market in 2016, Horizon’s Editor assess last year from the position of being a veteran watcher of the senior business technology community and considers tenure, trends and the implications of the number of job changes.

Next week, part one of two-part panel discussion sees leading recruiters Kersty Bletso of BIE Executive, Pat Lynes of interim specialists Sullivan & Stanley and Ross Stacey of the CIO Practice at SA discuss whether recruitment of senior business leaders is being disrupted and is there a changing of the guard in recruitment.  In part two, out on the 19th, the trio discuss topics such as body shopping and whether as a CTO or CIO you should consider looking for a new role this year.

Horizon Business Innovation podcasts are available on iTunes, Soundcloud and our podcast channel here.

Part one of the three podcasts can be found here.

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