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Lawn Tennis Association score with rugby IT leader

Rob MackmudieThe Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has peered over the net and recruited its new Head of Technology from the world of Rugby. Rob Mackmurdie (left) joins the LTA, famous for the Wimbledon tennis championship, as Head of Technology.

Formed in 1888 the LTA says its stated aim is to get more people in the UK playing tennis, but it is best known as the governing body for the sport in the UK.  

As the new Head of Technology for the LTA Mackmurdie will be based at the National Tennis Association in Roehampton, west London, a stone’s throw from the famous Wimbledon tennis grounds.  

Mackmudie has spent the last 15 years with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) as its Head of IT. Like the LTA the RFU is the national governing body for the sport and predates the LTA by 17 years having been formed in 1871.  At the RFU Mackmurdie led a reorganisation of the technology team, introduced service management technologies, led the introduction of self service technologies for regional offices of the RFU and ensured the small technology team was ITIL accredited.

20150429_Bishop Burton_100Two of Mackmudie largest projects at the west London based RFU was to completely re-network its Twickenham stadium and buildings to cope with rising technology demands from customers and the press. The business technology leader also streamlined information management for player registration as a project leaders upon joining the RFU.

Before becoming a sports technology leader Mackmudie spent four years at Virgin Atlantic, the international airline business where Yotel CIO Fergus Boyd also spent part of his career.  Prior to  his technology career Mackmudie was a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.

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