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Low Cost Travel CTO creates hackathon to bring talent to sector

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Low Cost Travel Group is partnering with Rackspace, Microsoft and DataArt to create a major travel and tourism hackathon in London on July 7 and 8, 2016.  The Takeoff hackathon, created and being led by Francesco de Marchis, chief technology officer (CTO) of Low Cost Travel Group is part of a continuing drive by the CTO to put digital technology at the heart of the Gatwick headquartered travel business that is better known for the Low Cost Holidays online tourism brand.

Technologists and travellers are invited to the two day event in Southwark, London to tackle a series of travel, tourism and business problems with the creation of technology solutions. A range of cash, travel and technology prizes will be on offer to hackers and teams. A prize of £5000 is available to individuals and an incubator prize of £20,000 to a team.

Attendees will be free to use any technology format they see fit for purpose to solve these problems.

“Hackers may choose to develop mobile Apps, or information resources,” de Marchis says. “There will be total freedom in terms of technology language the hackers choose to use. As a digital leader, I want to promote creativity and real world problem solving.”

The Takeoff hackathon is the latest technology initiative by Low Cost Travel Group, which is seen by the travel and technology industry as a pioneer business. CTO de Marches has recently been recognised as one of the UK’s leading business technology leaders. The technology operated and created by Low Cost Travel Group serves 250,000 hotels and 16,000 direct properties around the world. Low Cost Travel Group also has 50 major XML technology partners.

To join The Takeoff hackathon visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-take-off-tickets-25200121241

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