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Neos IoT insurance founder shares personal story of disruption


Matt Poll had a bright career within the UK’s major financial services providers.  Matt Poll has a young family.  Matt Poll had an idea; an idea that the financial services could embrace the new wave of technologies coming onto the market and provide a better service to its customers.  

Technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) are often described in a far off way as if their impact is significant, but won’t be arriving any day soon.  That same behaviour took place around Smartphones.  

Matt Poll (pictured) and his team founded Neos in January 2016, the same time we founded Icon Business Media and began the creation of Horizon and next week’s Innovation Leadership Summit.  Poll will be one of the disruptive business speakers at the Innovation Leadership Summit (September 20, 2016) and will describe his journey as a startup business pioneer and the creation of Neos, the UK’s first internet of things insurance business.  

“We wanted a better way to insure your home, so we designed it ourselves,” Poll says. “We had a vision of a different kind of insurance service – simple, helpful, human and putting you in control.”

Despite being an IoT insurance service, it isn’t technology that is driving Poll and Neos – it is customers. Poll says the data, insurance and the technology are secondary to the people they serve. Poll will share with CIOs at the Innovation Leadership Summit how the insurance industry has lost the faith its customers once placed in it.

In just nine months Poll and his team demonstrate what is possible in today’s innovative economy, Neos has formed major partnerships with insurance providers, technology suppliers and key business partners that ensure the customer is protected.  

CIOs looking for a case study of how fast their sector could be disrupted will find Poll’s story a fascinating insight and inspirational.  

Over 100 CIOs have registered for the Innovation Leadership Summit, but new applications will be considered. Register at: http://www.horizonbusinessinnovation.com/2016-innovation-leadership-summit/

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