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The Horizon community represents CIO's & CTO's from some of the best know companies in the UK


Our strategic partnership program allows your company to work alongside us for 12 months and gain a deep understanding of the CIO community. You have the opportunity to become a valuable contributor to the conversation and forge deep and meaningful relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry across multiple verticals.


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Partner benefits:

A unique opportunity to talk through your proposition with technology leaders

The opportunity to present to attendees and demonstrate your value as an innovative partner

Access on the day and post event to the most transformational business technology leaders in the UK

Gain insights into the trends and concerns for CIO's in the coming year

Create brand awareness for your business  and build relationships with potential prospects



Podcast for Innovation Leaders


 Would your organisation like to spend 30 mins commuting with CIO's each week? 

75 million people are tuning in to podcasts every month, tripling in number from 25 million just 5 years ago, according to Rawvoice-  a data research firm who tracks 20,000 shows.

Podcasting is growing 25% year on year; The CIO & CTO audience is rapidly adopting podcasting as its source of informed long form journalism and insight.


"Great 1st episode"  Tweeted Nick Hopkinson, Chief Information Officer at Devon Partnership NHS Trust


Icon Business Media has launched the UK’s first significant business technology and innovation podcast programme under its Horizon Business Innovation brand. Already trending at 143 in iTunes global business charts the Podcast brings together Innovation Leaders to discuss key elements, shared insights and opinions.

Icon Business Media will produce a set of podcasts (minimum of 6) in each season of broadcasts. Each podcast will be curated and hosted by Mark Chillingworth, CIO community Editor and will feature insight and debate across the topics of:

Business |  Innovation | Leadership | Technology

Commercial opportunity:

Each podcast will feature a 5 minute section in association with a partner. This 5 minute item will be a light touch editorial item co-produced by Icon Business Media and the partner offering insight into the latest skills, language and technology trends. 

Outcomes for the Commercial Partner:

  • CIO audience is rapidly adopting podcasting as its source of informed long form journalism and insight
  • Icon Business Media will record and edit each of the 5 minute sections as part of the partnership
  • Each final edit of the sections will be agreed with Partners prior to broadcast

CIO Events

Innovation Leadership Summit

The Innovation Leadership Summit in its inaugural year established itself as the premier forum for CTOs, CIOs and innovation leaders in and from the UK

Join 50-100 of the UK’s leading CIO's at our flagship event devised and moderated by Icon Business Media and its Editor Mark Chillingworth, the Innovation Leadership Summit, supported by the Horizon Business Innovation podcast, is an editorial experience with fast paced story telling by peers, industry experts and journalist Mark Chillingworth.






Start the conversation and help CIO's and CTO's from across the UK see the future of their Innovation strategy. We invite high-growth technology and service providers to describe and debate the innovations business technology leaders can embrace. Each Horizon event is an exercise in live journalism as practitioners and innovators collaborate to shape the next generation of enterprise technology transformation. 


Round Table


Join CIO's to discuss the key topics of business technology leadership and enjoy fine dining at the same time. Horizon round table dinner debates are an opportunity to share experiences, analyse trends and build your personal professional network. Each Horizon round table dinner is moderated by CIO  editor Mark Chillingworth, who has been at the centre of the CIO community since 2008.

Designated networking opportunity

Meet CIO's, CTO's and business innovation leaders at a range of community inspired events. The Horizon team guarantee that the attendees will challenge orthodoxy and scan the near future for opportunities.

Produced by a professional team of industry experts and journalists

With Topics chosen by a panel of expert CIO's; Horizon is backed by some of the UK's most connected and knowledgeable commentators and practitioners of business technology leadership. CIOs with a rich experience of multiple vertical markets and CIO community editor Mark Chillingworth drive Horizon to help innovation leaders come together.  

Fantastic inspirational venues and content programs

Horizon has partnered with events spaces that reflect the innovative and transformational journey organisations are on. CIOs will meet and debate with cutting edge coders as well as innovation firms and peers. 

What CIO’s have said

@f_halley  Sep 20 Full house at the #ils2016 by @horizoncsuite and @mchillingworth . Very impressive crowd for a first edition

Frederic HALLEY Next World Capital

 @chrishewertson  Sep 20 Finally an innovation conference that isn’t afraid to roll its sleeves up and actually talk technology. Angular 2, Scala and Julia. #ils2016

Chris Hewertson CIO APCOA

This was a brilliant event. Took part in IDG’s CIO Summit Thursday same week – FAAAAR from your quality and dedication. Thanks again for yesterday – I thought the day ran pretty well to agenda

Bjorn Ovar Johansson Interim CIO Pandora
Sample Agenda for a Micro Summit
Innovation Leadership Summit Partner Opportunity
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