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Technology leaders to debate cloud hosted critical applications

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Horizon was formed at the beginning of 2016 in response to feedback and demand from the UK’s CIOs for a community that brought together innovation leaders.  CIOs from every vertical market asked for a forum to meet with and collaborate with innovation leaders that can challenge the vendor landscape and bring real opportunities for business transformation and digital disruption.

Our first event, in Manchester, is over-subscribed. The initial London event for Horizon will see major leaders from the UK business technology leadership community debate hosting critical business applications on the cloud.

Finbarr Joy, CTO of telecoms firm Lebara will describe how over the top (OTT) telecoms services began to disrupt Lebara which was only 14 years old and originally a market disruptor itself. Lebara had to expand the services it offered its customer base. To do this in a risk free, agile and scalable way the London based organisation adopted Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its critical application infrastructure.

Cloud adoption meant that Lebara was able to launch its new services in multiple geographies at low risk and at a rapid pace.

This debate will explore how AWS, Microsoft Azure and hybrid IT strategies enable a business to deliver new services, increase its performance and be more agile at a lower risk.

Advisors to Horizon and taking part in the debate are industry experts Ian Cohen, former CIO of insurance firm JLT and the Daily Mail Group; as well as Mike Altendorf a former CEO and now advisor to CEOs and CIOs. Their panel will describe some of the major trends in cloud adoption for critical application hosting Altendorf and Cohen are seeing across a wide variety of vertical markets.

Picture by Matt Gore/iconphotomedia: Ian Cohen, CIO advisor

Partnering Horizon in this event is Attenda, one of the UK’s leading providers of AWS and Azure adoption and integration services, with clients including the National Trust, construction leaders Osborne, recruiters Reed, Regus offices and hotel firm Travelodge. Attenda CEO Mark Fowle will take part in an interview to describe examples of Microsoft Dynamics and SAP platforms are being used in the cloud and the savings in access to skills and reduced complexity the CIOs using these platforms are reporting.

The CEO will also discuss how ITIL standards can enshrine and drive quality in organisations adopting DevOps practices.

The Horizon debate on critical applications in the cloud will take place on June 16th at the Skillsmatter Codenode in central London. Horizon has partnered with Skillsmatter for its London based events again following expert feedback from business technology leaders in gaming and tourism.

To register your place at the event contact the Horizon editor at: markchillingworth@iconbusinessmedia.co.uk

Event details:

Date: 6pm, 16th June, 2016

Venue: Skills Matter CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB

Partner: Attenda

Speakers: Finbarr Joy, CTO, Lebara, Ian Cohen, CIO and Digital Business Advisor, Mike Altendorf CEO and CIO advisor, Mark Fowle, CEO, Attenda

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