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Tesco tech director and serverless pioneers join Horizon CIO debate

Nissan Europe CIO Stephen Kneebone at the Horizon Innovation Leadership Summit where CIOs and new technologies and innovations such as serverless are brought together

Tesco Technology Director and serverless pioneer Florian Motlik are to provide CIOs with an insight into how Immutable Infrastructure as Code can radically increase the speed organisations can deliver digital products to market. Motlik will join Christina Scott and Stuart Harris in an evening Horizon Leadership Summit on going beyond cloud containers and servers to increase business performance.

Tom Mackintosh, Technology Director for Tesco International and Online stores will describe how the UK’s largest retailer has used serverless technology to simplify and improve its online services. Macintosh has led Tesco online since July 2013 and has been with the retailer since 2007.  Mackintosh will take part in a panel debate at the November 16 Horizon event alongside News UK CTO Christina Scott and serverless pioneers Florian Motlik and Stuart Harris, CIO at Red Badger.

Tesco has rebounded from some difficult business and market conditions and remains one of the UK’s leading online general and grocery retailers. Technology Director Mackintosh, working with Red Badger has rapidly increased the speed at which Tesco deploys new products and services and used serverless technology to cut costs.

Software engineer Florian Motlik is one of the pioneers of serverless technology.  Based in Boston, Motlik is CTO of Serverless and is considered by many as one of the guiding lights of serverless technology.

Motlik will demonstrate the opportunities serverless offers CIOs and CTOs and he will take part in a panel debate alongside serverless technology leaders Stuart Harris of Red Badger, Tom Mackintosh of Tesco and on the need to be an agile business leader Christina Scott of News UK.

To learn more about serverless and debate how to increase the speed to market of services and products join Horizon on November 16 for an evening micro-summit in London.

Register your place at: www.horizonbusinessinnovation.com/event/futureofthecloud

Red Badger co-founder Cain Ullah demonstrates Tesco mobile applications at this year’s Innovation Leadership Summit at the Skillsmatter CodeNode, London
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