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UK Hydrographic Office recruit CTO

Terry Makewell CTOThe UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has appointed a new CTO, Terry Makewell.

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) collects and supplies hydrographic and geospatial data for the Royal Navy and merchant shipping, this data is crucial to ensure those who work at sea are safe.  UKHO collaborates with other global hydrographic agencies to set international standards on navigation, hydrography and cartography.

In a statement the UKHO Makewell will be “will be instrumental in further developing the UKHO as a world leading centre in the marine domain. This will support the UKHO in delivering its vision of becoming the world-leading marine geospatial information agency and hydrographic office by 2020.”

Makewell joins the UKHO from the Office for National Statistics, where he held the role of Chief Digital Officer. His previous government experience includes the role of Head of Digital & Global Media at the Met Office. Makewell is also a member of the British Council Digital Advisory Group where he will have worked with its former CIO Laura Dawson, who now leads technology at the London School of Economics. You can hear Dawson discuss customer centric digital strategies at the British Council on this episode of the Horizon CIO podcast.

Makewell said in a statement that he was looking forward to “working at the centre of the marine geospatial revolution”.

Makewell’s first engagements at the UKHO was to support its data science experts who presented at the Government Digital Service’s ‘Sprint 18’ conference on 10 May. Here, they demonstrated how the UKHO is using machine learning to exploit satellite imagery in order to help protect the marine environment and promote global maritime trade.

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